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Government Of Assam Environment & Forest Assam State Biodiversity Board

Mandate of the Board

  1. Generate Awareness among local people about the Biological Diversity Act-2002 and Assam Biodiversity Rules-2010.
  2. Establish Biodiversity Management Committees (BMCs) at District level, Block level, Village level and also in the Autonomous Councils of the State.
  3. Assist the BMCs in preparation of People’s Biodiversity Registers (PBR) through documentation of local biological resources and associated traditional knowledge.
  4. Regulate access to biological resources for research and commercial purposes to facilitate ‘Access and Benefit Sharing’ mechanisms.
  5. Declaration of biodiversity rich areas of the state as ‘Biodiversity Heritage Sites’ and to frame rules for management and monitoring of such sites for conservation.
  6. Notification of ‘Threatened species’ of the state.
  7. Create Biodiversity fund for the Board and for the BMCs.
  8. Other such actions required for implementation of the BD Act-2002 in the state